Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our First Road Trip

425 Productions is proud to announce the completion of our first road trip. Initially planned as an experiment or a test, our trip with Kendall Jones turned out fantastic so we published it online for all to see.


Kendall in Katonah from newyorkmatt on Vimeo.

A little info about us...
425 productions is Marcos Rivera, Emily Claire and Matthew Terhune.

We are 2 photographers and a make up artist, traveling the country documenting our travels and telling our stories. We shoot naked girls throughout all of this. They are very nice and very tight. We like girls who chew gum and walk with confidence.

We are road trippers, documentarians and voyeurs. We’re here to document a day in the life of interesting women willing to share intimate details of their life with us and to make very nice, very tight sexy photo shoots.

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  1. I like girls who chew gum with confidence.