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Friday, June 19, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

As promised More Photos of Natasha

From our day with Natasha.
These were all shot in Beacon NY.
At an abandoned rehab clinic frequented by Marilyn Monroe. A field. An Abandoned Church. And another field.

There is so much to tell and so much to see.

I leave you with these photos of the stunning Natasha.


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We were raised out in Queens but we Baste out in Beacon


Never been there, but I think when we do's gonna be oh SO HARD to leave.
I've heard rumors...
Seen pictures... and just generally assumed that the women in Montreal are beautiful.
Well yesterday we met Natasha from Canada.

I just can't really describe properly what needs to be described for one to fully understand it.
Just know that she is 19. She speaks with a slight French Canadian accent and can speak fluent french. Long black hair. She snorts when she laughs. Supple, firm, perfectly rounded breasts. She doesn't wear a bra and you can just barely see her nipples through her t-shirts....

I mean she also tells stories, and kissed Emily and likes good movies and looks really cute without make up and, and, and..


I will post a few photos today starting with some iPhone captures. Later I will post a few samples from the photo shoots and then some video trailers.

See You Later,

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fatality TeaFFee

We unfortunately did not think to do a commercial for TeaFFee with Fatality. But I know we will see her again before her episode airs, so we can film one I'm sure. Because she is cool like that and will do most anything.

We did however get lots of amazing photos and videos and audios while we spent the day with her in Connecticut. You may remember Fatality from our last blog entry. She is the ass on the right.

Here are some photos of the incredibly beautiful and outlandishly brilliant, Fatality.

Best Intentions,

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

SexyPhotoTrip does SUper Mario w/ Ass

SexyPhotoTrip was in Connecticut recently. One thing lead to another and we ended up playing the Super Mario Brothers Theme song on the model's (Fatality True) ass.

Here is a mother fucking clip.

Click the facebook logo to see the full sized video.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cynthia Trailer

We spent the day with Cynthia in Springfield Massachusetts recently.
She is the best thing about Springfield. It is a dirty town filled with a whole lot of nothing.

Here is a taste of the day.

Friday, June 5, 2009

SexyPhotoTrip Does Springfield & Cynthia.

We have the power!

SexyPhotoTrip Spent last Saturday in Springfield Massachusetts. It sounds like a nice town. Like some place on the t.v. show with pretty flowers and fancy kiosks. Well, it ain't. It's a loud and dirty town filled with loud and dirty people. Smelly people with bad style and too many kids.

Our subject for the day, Cynthia has no business being there. She gets followed every time she leaves her house and has to listen to Salsa music until 3am from her neighbors.

She is the best thing about Springfield for may reasons. Great face, good hair, nice boobs, pretty butt, nice skills, good talk; Cadillac. The girl's a time bomb.
Nice teeth, good clothes, hot eyes, great smile, fancy talk, and a pussy; Cadillac. The girl's a time bomb.

We had a lot of fun going to the mall and eating at Friendly's. We met her cats and talked all about her modeling days. She has lots of good stories and she looks like Angelina Jolie mixed with Leatitia Casta.

Here are some photos.

Stick around long enough and you'll get to see all the fun we had on video.

Best Bye,

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lucy in the club with asbestos

We don't know what day it is anymore because our schedule is so strange.
I want to say we had a great weekend with Lucy and Cynthia, but it was Monday and Tuesday that we did the episodes.

Monday we met Lucy. She is a 20 yo blond from Providence, Rhode Island.
We met her in the mall with her friend Elice (hot, funny, red head with huge boobs). In Borders. In Seattle's Best Coffee. Which is the same thing as StarBucks Coffee except it is red. We later learned that they are owned by the same parent company. Like Coke and Sprite.

Ahh...the illusion of choice.

We ate at a place called Fire & Ice. Where you grab raw meat and throw it in a bowl and then give it to a dude next to a grill. They cook it and bring it to you. It was actually very interesting and tasty. Great Bacon.

Lucy took us to this gigantic abandoned night club on the water called shooters. We shot 4 photosets and took video. It was filthy, having asbestos removal done and covered in broken glass, but it was a lot of fun and very cool. There was also an old tug boat outside which we shot on.

We then went to a Fondue joint and interviewed Lucy. She was really interesting and clever. She got a lot of the interview questions correct including the "Do you have any blind spots?" question.

Here are some photos.

We are still upgrading to Final Cut, so it will be a couple weeks before more video trailers. So stay tuned for even more professional video teasers with better sound effects and transitions SOON!

Only at....SexyPhotoTrip: Road Adventures!!!

Best Bye,

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