Thursday, June 18, 2009

We were raised out in Queens but we Baste out in Beacon


Never been there, but I think when we do's gonna be oh SO HARD to leave.
I've heard rumors...
Seen pictures... and just generally assumed that the women in Montreal are beautiful.
Well yesterday we met Natasha from Canada.

I just can't really describe properly what needs to be described for one to fully understand it.
Just know that she is 19. She speaks with a slight French Canadian accent and can speak fluent french. Long black hair. She snorts when she laughs. Supple, firm, perfectly rounded breasts. She doesn't wear a bra and you can just barely see her nipples through her t-shirts....

I mean she also tells stories, and kissed Emily and likes good movies and looks really cute without make up and, and, and..


I will post a few photos today starting with some iPhone captures. Later I will post a few samples from the photo shoots and then some video trailers.

See You Later,

4 2 5 P r o d u c t i o n s

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