Friday, June 5, 2009

SexyPhotoTrip Does Springfield & Cynthia.

We have the power!

SexyPhotoTrip Spent last Saturday in Springfield Massachusetts. It sounds like a nice town. Like some place on the t.v. show with pretty flowers and fancy kiosks. Well, it ain't. It's a loud and dirty town filled with loud and dirty people. Smelly people with bad style and too many kids.

Our subject for the day, Cynthia has no business being there. She gets followed every time she leaves her house and has to listen to Salsa music until 3am from her neighbors.

She is the best thing about Springfield for may reasons. Great face, good hair, nice boobs, pretty butt, nice skills, good talk; Cadillac. The girl's a time bomb.
Nice teeth, good clothes, hot eyes, great smile, fancy talk, and a pussy; Cadillac. The girl's a time bomb.

We had a lot of fun going to the mall and eating at Friendly's. We met her cats and talked all about her modeling days. She has lots of good stories and she looks like Angelina Jolie mixed with Leatitia Casta.

Here are some photos.

Stick around long enough and you'll get to see all the fun we had on video.

Best Bye,

Matt, Emily & Marcos - 425 productions, inc.

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