Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Delaware Is Place to Go Next!

Friday at 10:30ish in the am, SexyPhotoTrip will be going to Delaware to investigate Karra.

She is in Dover and has lived there for a while on and off.

This is Karra.

Now I know what you are thinking....

Yes. She is a Taurus.
Karra is a good friend, a great model and really really fucking good looking.
So she is going to take us around Delaware and show us cool spots and we will ask her lots of questions and make her get naked on video. And of course we will put up a little bit of the samples for you soon.

Love Forever,

Matt, Marcos & Emily


  1. I LOVE her hair color - it's so bright and happy!

  2. truly beautiful photos. awesome tattoos. sexy girl.

  3. she should move to wilmington