Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hannah does Queens

Every once in a while a model takes a road trip to us and we hang out in our hometown...Queens, NYC.

Just such an episode was filmed recently when the unbelievably wonderful Hannah came from Massachusetts. Pronounced Ha-nuh like Kahn-uh but with an H. She is super smart, super sexy, painfully gorgeous with cheekbones and eyebrows that could cut diamonds...and an ass that just makes your heart implode.

If you don't fall in love with her. You probably have a serious condition that should be checked by a doctor.

We did lots of fun stuff with her including but not limited to her posing nude under approaching jumbo jets outside Laguardia Airport, naked trivia and she got a little frisky during one photoshoot with Marcos and her hand may have lingered near her lady parts for an extended amount of time...ON VIDEO.

Anyway. Here are a couple photos for you. And just remain patient as is steadily being constructed where you will be able to see all the videos and awesome exciting fun.

Very Nice. Very Tight.