Thursday, May 21, 2009

Darcy's Day Parade

We are moving along full steam ahead here at
425 Productions, inc. now has it's own seal, is incorporated, represented and harmless.

We're making content, moving, making deals, shaking, booking shoots, editing, negotiating, strategizing and more!

All the groundwork neccesary to bring you people some quality entertainment and even more quality naked girls who chew gum with confidence.

Yesterday we filmed another episode of Road Adventures with Darcy. She is from Indiana. She is stunning. She is 19. She likes fight club and tombstone and she hates Tyra Banks. We spent the whole day with her and documented all of it.

Here are a few samples from our day yesterday.

Stay tuned for video trailers and the whole episode when sexyphototrip launches.

Best Bye,

425 Productions, inc.

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