Saturday, May 30, 2009

We left our hearts in Massachusetts


This update is coming to you live from 3rd ward photography studios in Brooklyn. Marcos, Emily and I are doing a photoshoot with our friends Bailey & Darcy. Darcy you may recognize from SexyPhotoTrip: Road Adventures.

Anyway. We wanted to tell you about our trip last weekend to Massachusetts. On Friday we made a day with Rubella in Chicopee. She was hot stuff as usual and got all naked for us in a monster blanket. She also got all naked in the shower for photos and did an homage to Psycho on video.

We had dinner at some Thai place and spent way too much time in our incredibly disgusting Motel 6. Rubella was stressed out about her school situation and other stuff. Egg salad.

Then on Saturday we went to South Hadley Massachusetts to spend the day with the infamous Bella Vendetta. Bella took us around the area to Denny's, her manager's house and her strip club - Anthony's. We photographed her in the champagne room as well as in Eddie's Escalade. She did a video strip dance on stage and a virtual lap dance with Emily, shot POV style.

There is much to show and much to tell, but it is all too much for this blog. So enjoy the teasers as we continue to construct the website.

Best Bye,

425 Productions, inc.

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